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The active ingredient in orange oil-based termite … Common sense dictates that orange oil treatments will not kill all the termites in any given medium to large sized drywood termite colony, although some will … Source(s): buy termite orange oil: Its natural capability of traveling through the porous cells in all directions, even defying gravity, ensures an effective treatment for wood infested pests. Once the orange oil is in place, many termites are deterred from eating and therefore starve to death. Here’s the deal: Orange oil is no less toxic than many other termite eradication products we’ve had at our disposal for years. Up to hundreds of termites survived treatment.5 This termite survival is important because research has shown drywood termite colonies can reproduce and increase with as few as 20 worker termites.6 619-542-8582 10107 Prospect Avenue Santee, CA 92071. 5 years ago. Orange oil is not effective against subterranean termites. 4) XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus not only treats the areas into which it is injected but will soak into targeted surrounding areas providing a superior termite treatment! Yes, orange oil kills termites. complete access to infested wood and orange oil injected at 2-inch intervals, orange oil eliminated only 81% of drywood termites. Join The Orange Oil. Termites like this freshly-dug soil and will be attracted to the orange treated area. Yeah cosco. If orange oil was indeed an effective termite treatment, then every termite treatment company would ditch their fumigation tanks and start investing in orange orchards. and you'll likely get a lot of differing opinions. Orange Oil Termite Treatment : Keep Termites At Bay With Natural Treatment Kill Termites The Natural Way—With Orange Oil Termite Treatment XT2000 Orange oil treatment seems to be touted more and more as an innovative miracle… a green chemical and completely safe and effective method termite … Now, we love oranges as much as the next guy but we have to set the record straight about using orange oil for termites. XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus ™ is hard on termites but easy on the planet’s resources and one of various termite treatments we use to control termites in California.. We provide a 2 year warranty and 10% discount on an XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus ™ treatment.. How does XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus ™ work?. 0 1. Like any other methods, orange oil termite treatment has its own advantages and disadvantages. Termites the come in direct contact with Orange Oil, it’s vapors or eat the treated wood will be destroyed. Join The Orange ... Join the Orange Oil. Having a good product is one aspect of termite control. According to Rentokil, a local pest control company, homeowners should avoid using orange oil in DIY termite treatments (despite many saying it can eliminate termites). Orange oil has its place and is a product Western Exterminator has on its termite management playlist but we don’t spin that record (or stream it!) The XT2000 Orange Oil Plus for drywood termites is a naturally occurring essential oil and is 95% pure d-limonene achieved through a steam distillation process of the citrus rinds. While traditional termite treatments are extremely effective at eliminating and controlling termite populations, environmentally sensitive homeowners often go in search of more green pest control options. It is part of an IPM (Integrated Pest Management) practice that minimizes the use of pesticides.It treats drywood termites, wood boring beetles and carpenter ants*. Termites cost homeowners billions of dollars each year in damages, treatments, and repairs. The truth is that Orange Oil is a pesticide and it is NOT safe for you or the environment! Anonymous. Orange oil is primarily a spot treatment method. How do you think … In their native country, red fire ants had predators, parasites and local environmental conditions which kept their population in check. The termites that don’t stop eating will be killed by direct contact with the orange oil. I was wondering what your thoughts were on how effective the orange treatment is. Q:We had a termite problem a few months ago and had an orange-oil treatment company take care of it. Orange oil is a “green” method against termites and has low toxicity. Need to treat a condominium complex, apartment building, restaurant, school, or hospital? Fortunately, the product is widely available for use in preventing and killing termites. However, fire ants have few natural predators in North America. Orange Oil and Fire Ant Control Basic Information. SMART does orange oil differently. … That sounds as a great thing because it is safe for humans and pets. Basil and citronella oils can be applied due to their termite-killer and antefeeder properties. They also make claims or imply that Orange Oil is safe for the environment. 03-05-2020. Shop for more Multi-Surface Cleaning available online at Termites are killed through 1) direct contact 2) breathing in the fumes 3) eating the poisoned wood. XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus: for your drywood termite, wood-boring beetle, and carpenter ant needs. [2] D-limonene is the active ingredient in orange oil which explains its ability to destroy termites. View more Ads. Once a termite colony has been treated with orange oil, it’s crucial for the building to be re-inspected regularly, so that signs of new infestation can be detected early. When used in a concentrated form it makes an excellent degreaser for cleaning areas such as ovens and vents, but it is also gentle enough to use on more delicate items during general purpose cleaning. Xtermite Natural Termite Control. Orange oil products feature d-limonene, which is known as a high-functioning (but not too toxic) killer of termites. Orange oil for subterranean termites in soil application method will perform both extermination by contact and termite barrier function. Since Orange Oil is an oil based solution instead of a water based, it soaks through the wood over the next 4-5 hours killing all of the termites, their eggs and their queen. Initially the average cost of an orange oil termite treatment is between $1200 to $1500, a figure which must be multiplied if localized treatments are found to be necessary in other areas of the structure separate from the original site of infestation. sizes. Orange oil companies from California went on a media blitz spending a lot of money advertising that they’d discovered the magical oil that could rid the world of house-eating termites. Nowadays, orange oil termite treatment is the preferred termite control solution for those looking for natural/organic method that doesn’t require moving out of your house. Better. 12-16-2020. Cost of Orange Oil Termite Treatment. Yes, a termite infestation is definitely a pain to deal with, but this doesn’t mean you should take the easy way out.. anyone know where i can buy termite orange oil? Knowing where to put the Orange Oil is another. So, what are pros and cons of orange oil termite treatment? Only tent fumigation can guarantee complete drywood termite eradication of an entire structure at once. Buy Pledge® Furniture Cleaner & Polish with Natural Orange Oil from Walmart Canada. Orange oil is an extract of orange rinds used in many cleaning solutions and even food additives. A research carried out in California in the 1930s later yielded results that orange oil is effective in killing termites, mores specifically, drywood termites. i have termites. Segments treated with water, the control substance, did nothing to the termites, however, boards treated with Orange Oil destroyed over 98% of the termites. Target Pests With Orange Oil XT-2000. The truth, however, is that orange oil termite treatments have a very spotty success record. XT - 2000 Orange Oil Plus with 95.0% d-Limonene is an alternative green option for the primary treatment of structural destroying insects. E ver since an aggressive marketing push of Orange Oil in 2012, makers of Orange Oil and companies who still use it have made claims that Orange Oil is a natural, organic way to get rid of termites.. Orange Oil and Pest Control Orange oil is a common ingredient found in most households across America, and it is made from the rinds of actual oranges. Orange oil termite control is an effective method of treatment but don’t believe that traditional treatments and fumigation are no longer valid options that should be discarded. Before purchasing oil, you should understand the purpose of your treatment. It is a restricted use product. The Downsides of Orange Oil. One popular trend on the market today is orange oil treatments. Even though orange oil is known for its effectiveness in killing dry-wood termites, there isn’t enough evidence to suggest it does the same with subterranean termites. The remarkable properties of Orange Oil and its ability to wick through wood, traveling through the porous cells in all directions and even defying gravity, results in killing the termites. XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus ™. In order to do your own termite control with orange oil you’ll obviously first need to purchase the orange oil spray. Get in control of your indoors and outdoors with this set of our home pest control and garden pest control in 32 oz. Other Ads from Xtermite Natural Termite Control. But ask the more loaded question, Does orange oil really work for termites? Xtermite Natural Termite Control Home & Garden Ads from Call Us (619)542-8582. SELL ORANGE GUARD Bundle These Customer Favorites SAVE ON OUR POPULAR HOME & GARDEN SET! The active ingredient, D-limonene, dissolves the termites exoskeleton, which ultimately kills the termites. Basically it can eradicate small termites infesting a single area, like a room or basement, but may not be very good at treating large scale infestations, say an entire building. Orange oil is used for treating drywood termites, carpenter ants, and wood-boring beetles. With XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus™, you get rid of your termites while still enjoying the comforts of home. It is efficient and helps us avoid having to hack up beams of wood in your home to eliminate the termites completely. Orange Oil treatment has long been recognized as a safer, more convenient, and environmentally friendly approach to termite control. This barrier repels wood insects by causing a discomfort stress. If you need essential oils for termite control and for termite repellent spray diy, you can buy the strongest of them. According to the company Web site: XT-2000 Orange Oil moves through wood like a gas, along the path of least resistance, filling up the treated piece of wood until the termites have no place to hide. 0 0. You also avoid the hidden costs of fumigation: pet-boarding, potential landscape damage from the tent, time spent packing and unpacking, hotel fees, and the cost to replace any food or medicine that wasn’t packed and removed prior to treatment. Few pest control experts would dispute this basic claim. Red imported fire ants were brought into the United States from Brazil in the 1930s. Vetiver and orange oils are the best for this purpose. Orange oil also is used in resins, cleaning products and even in fragrances. Anyone know where I can buy Orange Oil to combat termites?

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