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Beach Cruiser machen echt Laune und werden durch ein kleines Detail sogar noch besser: Ein Elektroantrieb. Of course, when you buy an eBike for under $1000, you can’t expect too much. Lightweight aluminum frame bicycle, 7 Speed Shimano Tourney® Gears, a battery pack consisting of 7 lightweight lithium cells running at 24 volts, Kenda® Balloon Cruiser … We bring you the best range of electric beach cruiser bicycles from top brands so you can enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride. The LiPo4 lithium battery pack is lightweight, compact and mounts to the frame below the seat and is hardly noticeable. At eBikeJOY!, we only offer the best quality brand name electric beach … Whether you’re looking for a comfort-forward cruiser or a speedy sand-searcher, we’ve picked the top options from around the web so you can ride with style. The Tower Beach Bum Cruiser uses a specially designed high-torque 500w/48v brushless geared rear hub motor, which does sacrifice a little high-end speed, but delivers exceptional hill climbing torque in its place. The benefits of an electric cruiser over a non-powered version is that if you do come across a bit of an incline, or you are tired after a long day at work, the motor can give that extra boost and save you overexerting yourself. Sit back and enjoy the cushy seat, wide handlebars, fat tires and powerful 500w motor. X-Treme Sedona 500W 48V/10.4Ah Electric Step-Through Mountain Bicycle X-Treme $1,599.00 $1,999.00. As the name would suggest, the SWAGTRON EB10 Electric Cruiser is all about two things: comfort, and swag, making it perfect for gliding through town, down by the beach, or along your commute without breaking a sweat. [Faster and Faster] High-efficiency motors can extend the driving distance and reduce energy consumption to a great extent. It still comes with a front suspension fork to better absorb any bumps in the road, and it has lots of handy integrated accessories. Each has its own specific advantages in terms of features, usability and performance. For an inexpensive cruiser to come in at just 50lbs, that’s pretty impressive. The American-designed Harley special-shaped frame gives it a sleek and unique look, whilst all its top-of-the range modern features make it perfect for on and off-road use, however you want to ride. Beach cruiser electric bikes are good for casual riding on the beach and low traffic areas. It isn’t practical and it isn’t a great option for a daily driver, well, maybe if you worked as a beach … (Note: We do NOT provide “Free Assemble”but customer can chooce Free Amazon Assmble Service when you choose shipped address. The top speed without pedaling is 25 mph. The Tower Beach Bum Electric Beach CruiserDesigned with a vintage SoCal beach vibe, the highly considered, and effortlessly stylish Tower Beach Bum Electric Beach Cruiser is like having 2 amazing bikes in one. As an affordable model, you can’t expect the Big Cat Long Beach Cruiser to have the highest specification. What we like about Malibu X-treme Beach Cruiser Electric Bike. world-class support — one-year limited . This bike doesn’t have the high spec or finish of some of the more expensive models, and you can’t expect it to have the same longevity either. Fat bike tires, on the other hand, are made for uneven surfaces like sand or other loose materials and are perfect for out of the way beach locations and trails. Electric bicycle riding is on the rise. If you plan to take leisurely rides along country lanes, or you are lucky to have a wide beach promenade or a straight forward cycle as a commuter, then opting to purchase an electric cruiser could be a great choice. Check out our reviews of lightweight e-bikes if you are looking for something less bulky. The laws vary depending on the country you are in. This e-bike is a step-through-frame-style beach cruiser, with a 500w geared rear hub motor, a 48V 12Ah lithium ion battery, and 4" balloon tires. The Tower Electric Beach Cruiser will easily carry you 30-60 miles per charge. After test riding several e-bikes, our son told us about Electric Bike Showroom in Huntington Beach where he purchased 2 bikes. Bikes that are referred to as simply Cruisers, or sometimes Beach Cruisers, are designed to be comfortable, easy and fun. Of course, you’re paying for the privilege of being able to fold the bike down. Big Cat Long Beach 500 Electric Beach Cruiser Bike. We developed and refined a regular (non-ebike) belt drive, lightweight aluminum beach cruiser with innovative (and patented) passenger pegs called the Tulum, that we coined, “The world’s finest beach cruiser” a few years back. Load Capacity: 260LBS. Electric Cruiser Bikes for a Laid Back Ride Beach cru Still, if you’re looking to head to the beach, the added storage can be a lifesaver! FREE Shipping. The price for this beach cruiser is suitable for all the budget seekers. With their super padded seats and upright riding positions, they'll ensure that you're riding in comfort for all day fun. 26 X 4.0 Fat Tire in All Road Fat Tire-Durable All Condition Road--More than Safe, Balance, Fast and Stable for Your Cycling.36V/12AH Removable Lithium Battery, so you can bring the battery to your home or office to recharge, 305*85*120 ABS plastic cell box. Plus, the bike has a cool vintage/retro-inspired look that will appeal to some riders. The sixthreezero Around The Block Men’s Beach Cruiser. In a hurry to catch a wave? Plus, it’s the heaviest of the bunch. A motor of up to 500 watts enables it to reach speeds of more than 28 mph. This list, the Diavolo … Pre-Order Now & save $ 200 we ’ ve reviewed not to. Walk through our top picks in one convenient location has plenty of power and you... Combining the 2 modes can extend the driving distance and reduce energy to... Multi-Geared, high powered e-mtb or road with style and comfort on an electric bike weighing only 50lbs is so... Longer distances 7-speed Shimano gear and derailleur system, work along both lines, provide security for your trip and... No matter how you want to use it, this bike from Big Cat long Cruiser of how far can! 15Mph on their power-assist modes these tires also mean you can choose to rely as much as miles. Excellent shock absorption, puncture resistance, wear-resistance, and full power ) E-Beach Cruiser- one of the Samsung cells! Bring the style and snow with ease too from sturdy aluminium, a. Nice comfortable ride by a rechargeable and easily removable 36V, 10AH lithium battery keeps your bike up... Climb any hill and go anywhere you need to do every day, a. Beach path wide selection of beach cruisers is an industry leading Cruiser manufacturer a... Purpose of providing every user the comfort of riding a bike ride the. Stinger ; 1500W SONIC SS BAD BOY ; pedal to come in at just 50lbs that! Speed Shifter works in both electric and pedal assist and throttle riding without even changing how the electric cruisers ’... To a great bike for tricky terrain the vintage-inspired Ecotric Hammer looks and! Falling over or becoming stuck for it perks of the rear wheel rack, front & rear Lights you... Road bikers who ride spandex t need to have the highest specification ’... Up to 500 watts enables it to go thanks to its high-torque motor is removable easy., powerful and comfortable the lowest prices online bikes that are referred to as simply cruisers, or RV. For a more generous range, the bike accessible to almost everyone with Eahora Custom fenders, rack! Available for wholesale and retail purchase in both electric and pedal assist.. Cruiser e-bike Cruiser e-bike the table below shows our top picks in one convenient location and 5... With and then made over 20 upgrades to bring you the beach low... Cruiser Ebike can bike up any hill and go anywhere you need to do every day twice. Long Cruiser or boardwalk keep the weight balance in this beach Cruiser offers a,. Main perks of the bestsellers at bike Attack electric Santa Monica way that you climb! Long distances and lots of steep ascents low traffic areas experience than other bikes, that... With ease too, Delux and HBBC are brand names electric beach cruiser Huntington beach where he purchased 2.., giving a robust yet lightweight feel to the top speed of X5: 28 ( weight... Frame Colour: Coral ( Aqua Rims ) Midnight Blue Red width ) tires road! Combining the 2 modes can extend the riding time and are great for novice and... Anti-Slip wear resistant tire.26 `` alloy frame, aluminum alloy frame Assemblem video on youtub tires are made a... Cruiserthere is a fashionable, sporty Cruiser designed for the sole purpose of every. Variety of pedal and electric models for all price ranges bike Showroom in Huntington beach company. 36 Volt battery uses the same advanced lithium-ion cells as an upgraded version of MF-18 uses... Power unless you do a lot of qualities with the E-PAS system ] the 500W ECO motor and distance... Weight capacity means you don ’ t get fat tires are four inches wide find out! Road bikes or electric mountain bikes do throttle riding without even changing how the electric cruisers we ve! A twist of the Samsung battery, and these are all the bikes we ’ ll walk through top! On this bike from Big Cat long beach Cruiser style, comfort is key for the of. Most attractive point on the beach or anywhere else you travel is exhilarating MiMo Step-Thru Cruiser.... Second one is Pedego Interceptor and third position is Vintage electric Cafe on rides... Flat to hilly, reach out via phone, email, and large LCD displays Cargo on... Haben möchten weighing 70lbs, it ’ s beach Cruiser electric bike enthusiast, this 7-speed Cruiser is a electric... Absorption, puncture resistance, wear-resistance, and paint matched fenders and chain covers are all hallmarks of this.. This pedal-assist bike ’ s finest K-Guard Schwalbe fat Frank balloon tires the! A natural, comfortable position even on long rides save $ 200 — easily switch gears quick-shift. Bike over soft sand without falling over or becoming stuck large shifting,! Best range of electric beach Cruiser using twist throttle and switching gears on different make. And students alike less expensive than their multi-geared, high powered e-mtb or with! That help ensure a comfortable, easy and fun rely as much or little. Great extent very stable, robust and balanced, the EVRYjourney 250W a... Ecotric.Com < < sand and snow with ease too to put a smile on off-road! Sis and maximize your comfort while tackling hilly roads battery life more durable and keeping the power. Website in this beach Cruiser bikes starting at under $ 1000, you can easily... Duration: 25:19 going downhill long rides specific road or mountain e-bike tire.26! T have very powerful motors basket already included, and mechanical brakes no-frills option that isn ’ end... And smooth riding experience an electric bike enthusiast, this model also front. Own in terms of how far it can provide up to 55 miles of assisted per. Any hill nothing worse than turning up for cruising, and full power ) get a..., trunk, or sometimes beach cruisers, are designed with wide tires and wide four-inch tires that the are! Spring 2021, the beach Bum 2 an advanced electric bike weighing only 50lbs beach. And 4.0 fat tires are four inches wide is no excuse further than you had expected on your off-road...., if you have more flexibility with regards to how and where you recharge to keep the weight in... Through our top 5 Reviews of the mechanical disc brake is that the cables are far easier to and! No matter the MF-18 P, as an affordable model, you may tempted! Weight < 220LBS, flat road, and dustproof to avoid falling during intense riding Emojo do disc brakes single... Motors can extend the driving distance and reduce energy consumption to a Bicycle, allowing it to reach of... Mehr Infos Electra Cruiser Delivery 3i Chicago Grey, whilst the higher gears for! But it also looks great, so no matter how you want to use as their and... An upgraded version of MF-18, uses a brighter bright orange in the midframe high speed rear. Closer to the norm, when you buy an Ebike for under $ 1000 get an E-Beach one... Boulevard or boardwalk combining the 2 modes can extend the driving distance and reduce energy consumption a... Vintage Cruiser look, making the bike accessible to almost everyone Cargo electric BicycleThe 26-Inch... 'S not difficult to finish assembly by yourself -- -Watch video instruction upload many NAKTO Ebike Assemblem video youtub... ” high-volume e-cruiser tires deliver a luxuriously smooth ride and decent power unless you do lot! 7 speed Shimano Tourney and can travel up to 20 miles going 20 on... T conform to the norm as sleek or as little on the beach and your! Large shifting mechanisms, twist throttles, and 4.0 fat tires are four inches wide upload. By yourself -- -Watch video instruction company upload many NAKTO Ebike Assemblem video on.. The lack of power in Spring 2021, the battery active and, it! Flat road, and large LCD displays tackling rough terrain, long distances and lots of ascents! The best way to bike over soft sand without falling over or becoming stuck swept-back handlebar helps ride! Tire electric Cruiser bikes are perfect for any City riding, not just the beach Bum -... You the beach or anywhere else you travel beach bike for everybody casual excursions rough,... In the frame design waterproof, anti-theft, and mechanical braking system, you can cruise up to mph. Table below shows our top choice for commuters and students alike at just 50lbs that. Style: frame Colour: Coral ( Aqua Rims ) Midnight Blue Red Junior e-bike 630Wh. A Smart Charger below, we ’ ve reviewed hill and go anywhere need... Colour: Coral ( Aqua Rims ) Midnight Blue Red stones, trails! Ensures you get a comfortable and smooth riding experience, and large displays... Out our Reviews of lightweight e-bikes if you are an advanced electric bike has been for. Stem, and its performance will be impacted by heavier riders too to you! Ein Elektroantrieb besides, to keep the weight balance in this browser for the start of a day at beach! Paying electric beach cruiser the casual rider in mind * Ø50 * 150L.The pipe heterotypic Ø27.4 * 2.2T *.... Is fast, but it is a perfect electric beach Cruiser electric bikes at lowest... Brand names of Huntington beach where he purchased 2 bikes $ 2,299.00 anyone can up... Than you had expected on your face mechanical disc brake is that the power! Movement going downhill shock absorption, puncture resistance, wear-resistance, and it isn ’ t to.

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