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aboutphotoFounded in 2006 by Greg Bennick and David Whitson, The Legacy Project is an independent endeavor to better understand how humans can transition from violent, bloody conflict to peace, justice, and reconciliation. At the center of our work are student study trips to countries struggling to resolve their own legacies of violence, including Poland in 2007, South Africa in 2008, Chile and Argentina in 2009, Canada in 2012, South America (Chile and Argentina) in spring of 2014. A trip to Rwanda/Uganda is being planned for spring 2016.

Our innovative programs bring together American students and local activists, scholars, and young people, along with prominent historical figures, to promote an international dialogue about overcoming trauma, achieving justice, and promoting tolerance and understanding. Documented on film and in print, we hope that our trips faithfully convey the wisdom the people of Poland, South Africa, and elsewhere have shared with us, a wisdom accrued through pain and resilience.

Here, you will find trip reports from our visits to Poland, South Africa, Chile, Argentina, as well as information for prospective students about upcoming trips. Currently, these are limited to text and pictures; in the near future, we will begin embedding video footage from Poland, South Africa, Canada, and our future trips as well.

Write us with ideas for expanding this project.